Princeton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine provides state of the art care, with access to extensive equipment and tools to treat a vast range of conditions and illnesses.

Graston Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization

  Graston Augmented technique is a form of instrument-assisted or augmented soft tissue mobilization (ASTM) that enables practitioners to improve scar tissue, fascial restrictions, and range of motion. The theory behind this IASTM technique is that by using a tool to introduce microtrauma into an area of excessive scarring and/or soft tissue fibrosis, an inflammatory response will occur. Click Here to learn more about Graston Augmented.  

Manual Physical Therapy

Our staff specializes in manual therapy “hands-on” techniques, to treat muscles, facia, nerves, and joints. We focus on a comprehensive approach with every patient. Click here to learn more about manual physical therapy.  

Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities.  Occupational therapy is especially good for clients with orthopedic as well as neurological diagnose. Click here to learn more about Rehabilitation therapy.

Sports Rehabilitation & Training

Sports Rehabilitation Physical therapy is a form of treatment for physical disease or injury to the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems of the human body without the use of drugs or surgery.  Utilizing cutting-edge sports science and treatments to achieve optimal athletic fitness and potential. Our staff understands the demands of training and advise on preventing injuries, relieving pain, and optimizing performance. Click here to learn more about Sports Rehabilitation and Training.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is sometimes known as TDN for short, is highly effective in treating the muscle spasms and tension that often accompany conditions like ligament and muscular strains, herniated disks, and arthritis. Click here to learn more about Trigger Point Dry Needling.   

Coming SOON! Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation. 

Dry needling can be used in conjunction with electrical stimulation to provide a larger dose of pain relief. The number of treatments is based on how quickly a patient’s pain is reduced. Click here to learn more about Dry Needling with electrical stimulation.