Success Stories

I have gone to Princeton Physical Therapy for 16 years for multiple surgeries and injuries. I have always had the best care and treatment. I am currently going there for shoulder rehab. I would give them the highest recommendation possible. They are very caring and positive with their patient treatment. – Gene

I suffered from 3-5 migraines a week for over 25 years. Countless tests, countless prescriptions, so many ER trips, heart surgery, being told I “likely have a brain tumor”, shots ….. so MANY shots and never getting answers or relief. In the fall of 2020, I was sent to Amy for my shoulder pain. After visiting with me, and knowing my history of migraines she determined it wasn’t my shoulder but my neck. After a few visits of just traction, she tried dry needling with me as well. Finally, after all these years I have relief, and I have only had TWO migraines in 6 months! I go every week to two weeks just so I never have to suffer again. – Amanda   

Amy and Mary are amazing!! My family goes there for all of our therapy needs. They are going to push you to your limits to help improve any conditions you are seeking PT for, but they also don’t let you overdo it!! Highly recommend going to see them!!- Marla

Just had 2 therapy sessions but impressed so far and Amy and Mary with Princeton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine have really helped me in recovering from shoulder surgery.- Matt

For anyone that knows me knows I’m not fond of needles. So when I recently had PT for some pain I was having Amy said we were going to do some dry-needling. I almost walked out but VERY happy I didn’t. Letting her do this procedure on me has been the best thing. I no longer have the pain I used to have. I would recommend this to anyone that is having sciatica pain, back pain, leg pain, migraines, etc. Try it I think you’ll be surprised.- Isla

I agree- with Dina. Amy worked wonders on a shoulder.-PaTricia

Several years ago I had a bad break in my left wrist that required a plate and screws. My surgeon said he didn’t know who did my therapy but they did an excellent job. It was Amy! She has worked on my back and also my left arm that I lost the use of many years ago. Doctors did not know why it did this but Amy got it back almost as good as new!-Doretta

I have used Princeton Physical Therapy’s services numerous times. Most recently for bilateral knee replacement. Amy and Mary are by far the best in the business! They give you that “nudge” you need to get the most out of you which speeds up recovery and at the same time makes it enjoyable. Both are caring and very knowledgeable and professional! A++++ in my book! Highly recommend!-Dina  

I agree! If It’s fixable, they can do it. I‘ve gone there many times.-Nancy

By far the best therapy place that I’ve been to, Amy and Mary were really nice to me. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank You, Amy and Mary!-Jenise  

She has done WONDERS for our family members I hope she’s here for MANY years!!!! I know my girls will need her for sure!!!!-Cheryl

I have been to Princeton Physical Therapy for several issues and they are wonderful. They provide professional and compassionate care with great results. I recommend them for anyone’s needs. Plus it helps to be a Chiefs fan.- Marsha

I used Amy’s therapy services 6 years ago for a badly torn-up shoulder. She does a great job. Now I have torn up my other shoulder and having to have surgery. I wish she worked down here in the city… -Rhonda

I literally went from not using my leg to one crutch in 2 visits! Amy pushes you as hard as you need to be pushed to make progress. she and Mary care about their patients like family!-Morrisa